Your cultural programme for Merano

A dream city between
the Mediterranean and the Alps

Almost no other city combines the Mediterranean flair of the south with the alpine character of South Tyrol better than Merano. You cannot help but fall in love with this part of the world. And right at the heart of it: The Layshof!

Below is a small description of the most important attractions and must-sees in the immediate vicinity.

10 min

The Terme Merano is just a 10-minute walk away. Merano has a long tradition as a thermal spa town! With 25 swimming pools, whirlpools and treatment pools, as well as a large park and 1,250m² of sauna facilities, the Terme Merano offers a range of wellness programmes consisting of traditional and new treatments. As a partner of Terme Merano, our guests receive preferential treatment!

Terme Merano pools Terme Merano relax room Terme Merano in the evening
15 min

It is only a short walk to the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. One of the most beautiful and diverse gardens in Europe awaits you, wonderfully adapted to the Alpine-Mediterranean climate that we have here in Merano.

Gardens of Trauttmannsdorff Castle
7 min

The old town of Merano is just a stone’s throw away. Numerous museums, theatres, the Kurhaus and the thermal baths await you there. Well-kept promenades such as the winter and summer promenades as well as countless flowerbeds and arrangements. A treat for the soul.

Old town of Merano
5 min

It is only a few minutes to the famous Tappeinerweg and the Maia Altaer Waalwege paths. Your opportunity to combine enjoying the breathtaking scenery with some healthy exercise in the great outdoors.

1 min

The charming Brunnenplatz here in Maia Alta is only 100 metres away. The shopping street with its shops, cafés, pastry shops and restaurants starts from here. Immerse yourself in the bustling life of this beautiful town and let yourself be enchanted.

Regional market